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Doctor Martin's Tips

For Healthy Living

Are you looking for ways to optimize your health? Health is not just the absence of disease, but also the presence of vigor, balance & optimal well-being. It is the connection of body, mind & spirit.

Nutrition & Diet – We all have some idea of what we would like to weigh. There are many books dispensing conflicting advice. Eating healthy shouldn’t be that confusing.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Don’t skip meals.
  • Eat 3 meals & 2-3 snacks daily = 5-6 meals a day.
  • When you feel like eating, ask yourself “Am I hungry?” or is there another reason you are
  • craving food – such as comfort.
  • Eat organic as much as possible.
  • Limit all processed foods.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners & colorings.
  • Limit sweets & processed sugars.
  • Drink 64 oz. of purified water daily.
  • Limit beverages with caffeine, stimulants, sugars & dyes.
  • Have 1-3 bowel movements daily.
  • Do NOT diet.
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Limit the middle.
  • Eat ¼ of your calories as healthy fats – such as olive oil, essential fatty acids from cold-water fish, flax and walnut. Dairy, meats, eggs & nuts in moderation are OK.
  • Avoid margarine, partially hydrogenated fats, kernel oils & trans fats.
  • Eat ¼ of your calories as protein. This includes animal protein like fish, fowl, meat & eggs, and vegetarian protein like legumes, tofu, seeds, nuts & dairy.
  • Eat ¼ of your calories as non-starchy vegetables. Try to get 2-3 colors of veggies on your largest meal of the day.
  • Eat ¼ of your calories as all other carbohydrates. This includes all grains, fruits, starchy vegetables & sweets.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation, no more than 2 drinks in a day & less than 4 times per week. Drink alcohol with meals, not on an empty stomach. Take milk thistle if you drink regularly.
  • Consider daily supplementation with multivitamins, minerals & antioxidants.

Exercise – There are numerous varied guidelines. Exercise is the #1 treatment for mild to moderate depression, not Prozac. It keeps your body fit & helps maintain your weight.

  • Exercise 30 minutes daily 6-7x a week. Alternate with aerobic & weight training activities.
  • Do something you really enjoy. Judo, dancing, cycling, swimming & skiing are all great.
  • If you are not participating in a sport and getting to the gym is difficult, then consider getting a treadmill or elliptical rider if you can’t go out for a walk.
  • Research has shown that the treadmill is the most frequently used exercise equipment.
  • Exercise first thing in the morning. Research shows that those who exercise in the morning are 70% more likely to continue versus only 20% of those who exercise at other times.

Play & Relationships – Do you play? Children spend a large part of their day playing and laughing. Unfortunately this is starting to decrease in children and we are seeing an increase in illness.

  • Engage in friendships & hobbies to develop creativity & play.
  • Include plenty of humor & affection in your life.
  • Maintain social ties with those that mean the most to you.
  • Work on your emotional issues!
  • Spend time with your family. Especially with your children. Soon they’ll be grown. Nobody ever complained of not spending enough time at the office on his or her deathbed.
  • Pay attention to the energy of those around you.
  • Avoid toxic people and energy vampires. Don’t try to fix other people’s problems.
  • Keep your marriage in great shape. It requires work. If you are unhappy, get counseling. Strive for win/win outcomes. Happily married people have longer & healthier life spans.
  • Enjoy sex. Be responsive to your mutual needs.
  • Maintain excellent hygiene.
  • If you are alone, get involved.
  • Consider sharing your life with a pet. People with pets experience less loneliness and less illness.
  • Consider volunteering.
Work - Do what you enjoy.
  • Assess the purpose of your life & pursue it.
  • Find a job you love.
  • Speak up. Don’t allow others take advantage of you. Take a confidence-building class.
  • Assume responsibilities you can comfortably handle.
  • Don’t get in over your head.
  • DO NOT overwork - moderate your hours.


  • If you have weapons, take a safety course.
  • Keep your weapons & household chemicals locked up at all times.
  • If you have a problem with anger & violence, or other unacceptable behavior, get counseling now and get rid of your weapons.
  • If you are a victim of unacceptable behavior, get counseling now.
  • Don’t hit anyone.
  • Take a parenting class if you have children.


  • Get plenty of sleep. Invest in a good mattress, pillow & blanket.
  • Protect your body from electro-magnetic fields, especially cell phones & computers.
  • Avoid drugs & tobacco.
  • Practice safe sex.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Avoid dangerous situations.
  • Wear sunscreen in the hot sun.
  • Limit exposure to negative news.
  • Develop an optimistic outlook.
  • Fill your house with plants.
  • Get a HEPA air purifier.
  • Find a great doctor & dentist who will work with you.
  • Get regular physicals & screening exams.
  • Address any imbalances or illnesses in your body.
  • Treat yourself to bodywork & other pampering relaxations.
  • Have all silver-mercury dental amalgams eventually replaced with less toxic composites or gold.
  • Plan & prepare for the future.
  • Select a medical power of attorney for emergencies.
  • Address any addictions.


  • Get in touch with your spirit & higher power.
  • Meditate regularly.
  • Live your life mindfully.
  • Convene with nature. Garden. Recycle. Protect the Earth.
  • Look at what is important. Forget about keeping up with the Joneses.
  • Appreciate the simple things in life. Take time to smell the roses, watch the sunset & play with children.
  • Be involved in your community.
  • Be charitable.
  • Be kind. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Resolve past issues.
  • Release judgment & anger.
  • Forgive yourself & others.
  • Give yourself permission to be.