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I am contracted with United Healthcare only. This is because they are relatively patient- and physician-friendly. They do not require massive paperwork and referrals on my part and make it easy for me to provide you with excellent medical care.

If you have a PPO, you have the option of going to the provider of your choice. However, this usually means that you will need to contribute more for an evaluation by a non-provider. It’s not just a co-pay. You may be required to contribute 20, 30, or 40% or more depending on your contract. Also your out-of-network deductible needs to be factored in. The good news is that you can see anybody you choose, whether they are on your plan or not. That means for a few extra dollars you can see me – a medical doctor who will spend time getting to know you, listen, be open-minded and care, in addition to providing you with expert knowledge in integrative medicine and treatment options. I will empower you in your care. At the end of your visit I will give you a superbill that you can remit to your insurance. I offer a 15% discount of my office visit fees for payment (Cash, Check, Visa/MasterCard) at the time of service. I do not take American Express at this time. Fees do not include lab work. This will be billed by the local lab to your insurance company or you, whichever you prefer. Out-of-state labs usually have much less expensive prices when payment is made in advance.

HMO's/Kaiser/No Insurance

Regardless of what kind of insurance you have, I try to work within your means. Usually your primary care provider will order labs and tests deemed necessary, although they may refuse some (too alternative, don’t believe in the condition, etc.). The standard-of-care in medicine is very high in the United States these days especially in larger cities. Rural areas tend to have different expectations. This usually leads to tests to rule out more serious disease. Nobody likes to miss a brain tumor in a patient complaining of many months of headaches. You can be assured that I’ll be ordering that MRI or sending you to the neurologist. I once had a patient with blood in her urine and no insurance. She talked me out of doing an ultrasound at the time and promised she would be back in a month. When she finally returned after three months, we did the ultrasound and discovered a bladder cancer which had probably been there for awhile. I am happy to report that she recently told me her oncologist gave her a clean bill of health. Would two months change in discovery time have made a difference? I don’t know, but why take chances when it’s not necessary. I honor my patients’ choices and wisdom with regards to treatment. I believe we all have a choice and a responsibility in deciding what’s best for ourselves; this may contrast in what conventional medicine deems best for us. For example, we have chemotherapy drugs that might kill a cancer but kill the patient first. If a patient elects not to do chemotherapy, I will support the patient’s choice.


I do not participate with Medicare or Medicaid. I have opted out of Medicare. This means that I can still see you but that I will not bill Medicare for my services and neither can you. You will be asked to sign an agreement acknowledging this. Please click on Medicare Opt-out form to download and view or print. Because I have opted out of Medicare, Medicare will not reimburse any tests or labs that I order. I can not provide referrals to specialists. This is the government’s way of trying to prevent physicians from opting-out. Usually your Medicare provider will agree with my recommendations and cooperate with ordering tests. Many doctors are happy that another doctor is involved in your care – two heads are better than one. Rarely, a doctor will be offended that you are seeking a second opinion. Understand that this is your doctor’s issue, not yours.