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Global Medicine?
About Dr. Martin

There are many treatment choices these days. With a global economy, phenomenal access to information, it is no surprise that we have entered the age of Global Medicine. This allows us to take aspects from many different medicines from around the world and apply them to ourselves. We have become introduced to acupuncture – an Oriental modality and philosophy with a completely different paradigm. Botanicals and nutraceuticals are available in even the smallest of our towns. Chiropractors and a variety of body workers abound. Deepak Chopra has introduced us to Ayurveda from India and we have heard about the doshas – vata, pitta, kapha. Naturopathy hails from Germany along with homeopathy which is experiencing resurgence. Shamanism of the world’s indigenous populations is being explored. Energy Medicine is the latest, most enigmatic and least understood of them all and yet appears to have the greatest healing potential. Spirituality has been shown to have a tremendous impact on our health and healing. A myriad of diagnostics and treatments such as body scans, bioscans, EAV, allergy treatments using kinesiology, colon hydrotherapy, prayer, crystals just to mention a few are becoming popular and even mainstream. How do we put this all together?

Dr. Monique Martin

There is an abundance of practitioners of all the different modalities out there that specialize in different areas. Oftentimes, they give conflicting information and do not really understanding how one thing impacts another. This is especially true of physicians who are experienced in pharmaceuticals and many lifesaving treatments but have no training, experience, or interest in alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is a specialty in and of itself requiring a wealth of education, knowledge, experience and interest. Many chiropractors, naturopaths and other practitioners don’t have the license or medical experience to integrate the whole gamut of medicine. However, there are a handful of integrative physicians (especially trained from a credentialed university) that will be able to integrate all this information and help you sort between conventional treatments and alternative therapies. These doctors need to stay up on the latest of conventional medicine and continue their daily education on alternatives as this area is constantly changing and growing. It requires a tremendous time commitment, open-mindedness and practice. I am one of those doctors.